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Thank you for visiting this web site.  You’re obviously interested in this heritage breed of turkey so we hope you find what you are looking for among the pages of information.  If you are looking for birds, our breeders list should provide plenty of sources.  If you are currently breeding, this site may help you market your birds.  Whatever your reason for stopping by, we are glad you did.  If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the site, please email me and I’ll do my best to address them. 

Our goal with hosting this site is to provide comprehensive information about the Midget White turkey and to build a community of enthusiast to help save and promote this endangered breed.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) lists this turkey’s status as “critical”, the most endangered status of all.  Without our joint effort, they could become so inbred and problematic that we could lose them in one life time.  I just can’t stand by and let that happen!       

 My husband and I have been breeding Midget Whites for years but at some point, every breeder is in need of new blood to avoid extreme in-breeding.  With a community of dedicated breeders supporting each other, we can keep our flocks healthy and diverse while ensuring only the best are used to continue the breed and repopulate our elderly flocks.

 I can’t take credit for the idea behind this web site though.  I had a breeder contact me to see if I could ship her some birds or eggs and in the discussion, she said she wished there was an association or something to help put people in touch with each other.  Thus, the idea behind this web site was born.  While this is not an association with a board or members, I do think it can help fill the void of information regarding the breed and those who breed them.


This site is paid for and hosted by the Wolfe family of the Tiny Texas Ranch in South Texas.  We are a small farm with horses, Guernsey milk cows, Black Copper Marans, and of course Midget White Turkeys.  We were at one time involved in saving the Large Black Hogs but have retired from the hog business since moving to Texas.  We have raised and processed our own turkeys for many years and do so simply because we feel they are the best tasting turkey one can raise.  Aside from their qualities as a table bird, we find them to be an entertaining and beautiful addition to our farm.

My name is Kay and not only am I a farm wife, but I am the designer and author of the pages you see here unless otherwise noted.  I use the term "farm wife" to mean I am not only married to a farmer but I am also very active in the farm and take pride in my ability to garden, preserve and cook my produce and care for our animals, just as my grandmothers did before me.  But, by now you may have guessed I am not a computer programmer but in the spirit of “do it yourself”, I bought a book and this web site was born.  It’s not high tech but I think you’ll find it simple to use and an interesting read.                    

Art Work

The painting you see at the top of each page was a gift to me from a very special friend, Carolyn Guskey.  It is a painting of one of my first Toms who has long since gone to the big freezer.  Neither this nor any other picture featured on this web site may be copied or used in any way without written permission from me.  I enjoy our birds and often take pictures but I understand not everyone is handy with a camera.  My goal is to help you help these birds and if a picture is what you need to do that, I’ll be glad to assist free of charge.